Friday, May 21, 2010

Rugby against the year6 boys


Last week on Friday we had a match against the year 6 boys at our school. The reason why we had a match was to prepare us to play Viscount. We learnt what to do when we come in for a scrum. As soon as we got all organised it was time to play. My position was half back and wing it is scary because I am the one who gets the ball and then runs or passes. In the second half we had to change position so everyone gets a turn. The first person to get a try was me and Sela . It got boring because people were hogging the ball. The shocking part was when Sela tackled Richard ` now that was WICKED ' Woohoo go Sela' we all cheered for her. The person who tackled the most was Reina, Shaniah and Bobbi-Grace. As Mr Burt gets us together we were told that there was going to be a meeting.

We asked Mrs Nadia if she can watch us play rugby with the year7 boys. It was so cool because we were all sharing the ball and we were playing fair but then it got rough because there were people that were high tackling girls. So then Victoria and I went to play some where else.