Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our year7 girls rugby game against Viscount....

Last week our year7 girls had their rugby game against Viscount . On that day we had to run around the field 3 or 2 times . I felt really nervous about the game because they were big and tall but I knew this would be a good game . When we had to get changed we first had to do a game plan for our game . After that we had to practise where our positions were and when do we come in to do a scrum .

When the game was going to start my legs were full of goes bumps . As we all run up to line getting ready to
kick off the whistle went brinnnnng ! when we kicked off “ Leni tackled the first runner . when we were playing I notice that my shorts were falling off Aaarh as I pull my shorts up getting ready to tackle .

My best part about the game was that we played really well and that people got to have a run !! .
but then some of our girls got tackled badly which was “ Sela . When it went to half time I got advice from this man , the weird part about it was that his advice actually worked so then I kept on doing it .

As we go back on the field I had my own plan which was to trick one of the players .
This last half was pretty funny because both teams were passing the ball everywhere and there were people slipping on mud’s . I think this should be my best game ever playing against Viscount even though we lost but we still hadeach others backs .

I would we like to say thank you very much to my couch " Bobbi and helpers !!
YOU GUYS ROCK !! ,,,,,,,