Thursday, September 29, 2011

All about New Zealand

“Hi Reina lets talk about New Zealand.”
“What is the population of New Zealand?”
“Well there are 4.4 million people in New Zealand.”
“What is a Hangi?”
“A hangi is a traditional food that is cooked underground.”
“What is the capital city for New Zealand?’
“The Capital city for New Zealand is Wellington.”
“What is the popular sport in New Zealand?”
“The popular sport is Rugby Union.”
“Who was a famous New Zealander from the past ”
“A Famous man in history is Ernest Rutherford.”
“What was he famous for?”
“Well Ernest Rutherford was famous because he split the atom.”

“ Wow Helen you really know all about New Zealand, said Reina “
“ Sure do and thank you for your time , Answered Helen .

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

" What Is The Secret of Hail "

In room19 we had to put together a presentation showing what book we have been reading . The reason why we created this presentation is so that the Team Four can use it for their reading task.