Monday, May 30, 2011

My opinion about Term1

Looking back Last term isn’t the term I was pleased with myself because
I didn’t get work done on time, and my attitude weren't good .

Highlights I liked last term was our camp “Take Charge “ the best highlight I worked best with was getting to know new people and hanging around with my groups the most. Last term I worked best was doing the right thing and respecting my teacher Mr Harris and other student in my class ! . My worse improvement last term was not focusing well and getting into trouble.

Looking forward This Term I’m looking forward to play our first game of rugby
also taking our Net books home and getting to use it everyday and to try our new sports !! .


  1. Ka pai Helen, it's exciting when looking forward to new things like net books and new sports, they can sometimes help with your attitude to school and getting along with others. I hope this term will be a good one for you and keep up the blogging!
    Matua Wyllis

  2. oh hey Wyllis

    thanks for posting on my blog, and yes I will keep up with th blogging .