Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Don't we look GREAT in our new uniform.
As our Aces team heads along to the courts , first we had to take a team photo . After that we all got sorted then headed off to the netball courts . When we arrived we went for a jog around the the courts then had to do 4 side steps to the line then come back . My position was CENTER then I will have to change to WA in the next half then it was time to play so we stretched first and drank water.
As our game was about to start it was our ball first ! The ball come down to our shooters our team got the first point
. Then the game became harder because the other team had more point so then our team went hard on them so then we were in the lead it was nearly half time so we threw the ball back to the shooter then had the last goal !!
My position was CENTER I was so happy because center is a good exciting position for me because I can run around and get the ball straight to the goal . The game was nearly over and our team were winning !
The bell went ` Brinnnng ! and the ACESS WON !! .


  1. Hae Lenii

    Great writing hope that you had a great time playing Center for a while you guys were great on Tuesday night of our last week. Lets hope yoy's inprove move.

    P.S Reina

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  3. Hae Again man I like the you wrote I just can't stop writing a comment to you.

    But anyway good work and keep it up.

    P.S Reina

  4. ; aw watter great team im sure use would make it to silver ferns! jus keep your hopes up and never look down , and chase your dreams never let go:) . keep it up girls:)