Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mystics vs Steels

Last night my sister and I watched the Mystics vs Steels .
My favourite player was playing which is ` MARIA. As it started my sister and I got happy because this was the finals playing . As the game bell went ` brinnnnng brinng '
it was mystics ball first. I screamed YA YA Mystics had the first score !! . The next round was so close to the point
they had 5 minutes left till the game was over . As the Steel was in the lead the Mystics went harder on them then it was the Mystics ball . They passed the ball real hard as if they were professional !! But then it went to a tie as it was 2 minutes left .
My sister screamed Ya YA it was a point to the MYSTICS !! . the bell went ` Brinng the game was over and the Mystics WON !! .

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